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PaperStone ®, created from recycled paper and a non-petroleum resin, is both durable and easy to install, making it a favorite choice for homes, restaurants, office buildings and premiere U.S. museums.Manufactured in Washington State with 100 percent made-in-the-U.S. raw materials, most PaperStone products are certified recycled by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship …

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Squak Mountain Stone is made from recycled paper, recycled glass, reclaimed fly ash, and cement; the finished countertop slabs resemble limestone and soapstone. EcoTop countertops consist of renewable bamboo fiber, post-consumer recycled paper, and water-based resin glue.

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In the past, it hasn't always had a reputation as stylish, but that's changing: The latest designs on the market mimic stone, butcher block and other pricier surfaces. Pros: Laminate is one of the most affordable countertop materials, so it's a good choice if your budget is …

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CI-Caesarstone-USA_engineered-stone-countertop_s4x3 ©Caesarstone Caesarstone. ... Here are some pointers about the most popular countertop materials. Tile Countertops. Cut down on the price of kitchen countertops and the time spent cleaning them by installing large tile pieces.

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Laminate kitchen countertops are a paper-plastic product that tops several layers of Kraft paper with a resin impregnated with near infinite colors and patterns. Pros The price is right for this chameleon-like product that can mimic everything from wood to granite.

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Recycled Paper Countertops: Paper, much of it post-consumer waste, is compressed and covered with a resin binder containing pigment. Paper Stone is a top brand. Many colors are currently available. Price: $40-$80 per square foot. Recycled HDPE Countertops: High-density polyethylene is used in a range of consumer and construction products.

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Painted paper countertop transformations are the perfect affordable DIY fix to outdated countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, walls, floors & furniture.

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Paper as a countertop material? Sounds suspect—and soggy—but think again. When combined with a few key ingredients, heated, and compressed, paper turns into a material that is stone-like in appearance and durability, but softer and more forgiving.

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Cultured marble countertops are aesthetically pleasing and a more economical and durable alternative to real stone marble. Paper composites. Paper composite panels fabricated from paper and resin laminated under heat and pressure to form a solid, dense material have been used as countertops in residences and science labs since the 1950s. Other ...

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The eco-friendly choice, recycled countertops come in a variety of sustainable materials, including concrete, glass, paper, composite and plastic. Usually a mix of pre- and post-consumer products, recycled countertops are available in a wide range of colors and textures.

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Countertop Buying Guide. ... Granite countertops are crafted from beautiful, strong, natural stone. Visually rich and dynamic, they're highly heat-resistant and can stand up to stains and bacteria when properly sealed. ... While some countertop materials are heat resistant, excessive heat can still cause damage, either to the material or to ...

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Feb 19, 2016· Stone is a durable material that stands up to the tough wear of an active kitchen. Stone's natural variations in colors and textures make each countertop unique. The most popular stones are granite and marble, but limestone and soapstone are also commonly used.

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PaperStone is a beautiful and durable surface material made from 50 to recycled paper and petroleum-free resin for residential and commercial spaces.

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3. Granite. Granite is the most durable natural stone natural stone that comes in slabs, which are cut to size to fit any kitchen countertop needs. Granite is resistant to heat and scratches, and comes in hundreds of unique colors and patterns. However, the material is porous and must be sealed.

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12 Unique Countertop Ideas You've Got To See To Believe . Pin Share Email button Search Search ... Quartz countertops is a feel-good industry term for a common countertop, an engineered stone such as Caesarstone. ... You might already be using paper as your countertop material.

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Stone is a natural product, and cleaning is fairly simple, though be sure to follow specific instructions for your stone type. Monticello Granite, a national countertop company, recommends that stone surfaces be cleaned with a few drops of a neutral cleaner, stone soap or mild liquid dishwashing detergent.

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Paperstone Countertop Prices PaperStone is about as green a building material as it gets. In addition to being made from post-consumer recycled paper, the natural resin used to bond the fiber is itself a green material.

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Material: Recycled Paper Composite. ... Quartz Countertops • All About: Granite Countertops • All About: Synthetic Solid Surface Countertops • All About: Lava Stone Countertops (Images: 1. The Kitchn ... Paper composite countertops are made of post-consumer recycled paper and other fibers held together by a formaldehyde-free thermoset ...

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Granite, once found only in expensive, high-end kitchens, is more commonplace today and is by far the most popular natural stone countertop material. Granite counters are sold primarily through ...

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Recycled Paper-Based Kitchen Counters Recycled paper sounds like the worst possible material for a kitchen countertop, but this ecofriendly choice has surprising durability. When blended with resins and pigments, it has the look and feel of soapstone — but at $40 to $80 per square foot installed, it's a fraction of the cost.

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Paper-based countertops provide a durable-as-stone and heat and stain-resistant surface that's more than just a unique countertop alternative. Used in commercial kitchens for years, paper composite countertops are available in a range of colors, including sage, slate black and nutmeg.

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Paper Composite Countertop Review. PaperStone Countertop. ... to a nice patina. Most manufacturers recommend a sealer to not only protect, but to enhance the natural depth of the material. Overall, paper composites offer a great way to have a high end, luxury surface and be environmentally friendly. ... Countertop Review is designed to educate ...

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The durability winner is quartz, the person-nature combo countertop. Crushed quartz stone is mixed with resin to provide countertops that range from solid colours to the appear of actual granite, but they'll beat ordinary stone in durability. ... Granite Countertop Warehouse / Materials. Granite. Quartz. Marble. Solid Surface. Soapstone ...

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Pros: One of the most affordable countertop materials you can buy, laminate delivers a stylish look without breaking your budget. Often mimicking the look of wood or stone, the material is low maintenance and easy to clean.

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recycled paper countertop Paperstone is a unique composite material of compressed post-consumer recycled paper, PetroFree phenolic resin and natural pigments. It looks and feels warm to the touch and has a smooth, soft patina, much like soapstone.

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Composite paper countertops tend to be quite plain and are offered only in a few medium to dark tones, so styling options tend to be more limited than other materials. As far as kitchen design styles go, paper countertops would be most attractive in contemporary, industrial, and eclectic design styles that tend to focus less on specific detailing.

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Top 10 Materials for Kitchen Countertops. By Coral Nafie Updated 12/28/18. Pin Share Email ... Another natural stone commonly used in kitchen countertops is marble. Because no two sheets of marble are exactly the same, each marble countertop will be entirely unique.

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So Many Types of Kitchen Countertops Materials matter. Some will stain, some won't. If you cook a lot, consider a material that can take heat, sharp knives, won't stain easily. Quartz countertops are one of the world's hardest surfaces. Granite countertops are a …